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Miss Marple. Omnibus v1-3

Miss Marple. Omnibus v1-3
Harper Collins

The Body in the Library Its seven in the morning, and the body of a young woman is found in the Bantrys library. And whats the connection with another dead girl, found in a deserted quarry? Miss Marple is invited to investigate the mystery before tongues start to wagand another innocent victim is murdered in cold blood.  The Moving Finger The quiet inhabitants of Lymstock are unsettled by a sudden outbreak of hate-mail. But when one of the recipients commits suicide, only Miss Marple questions the coroners verdict. Is this the work of a poison penor a poisoner?  A Murder is Announced An advertisement in the Chipping Cleghorn Gazette announces the time and place of a forthcoming murder. Many think its a hoax - but the owner of the house named as the murder site is less than impressed. Especially when half the village turn up at the allotted time and then the lights go outand the screaming starts.  4.50 from Paddington As two trains run together, side by side, Mrs McGillicuddy watches a murder. Then the other train draws away.  With no other witnesses, and not even a body, who will take her story seriously. The she remembers her old friend Miss Marple

Another four of Agatha Christies twelve, celebrated Miss Marple novels in a single volume, bound in the stylish livery of the new series. A Caribbean Mystery As Miss Marple dozes in the West Indian sun, an old soldier talks of elephant shooting and scandals. Then he dies - shortly after offering to show her a picture of a murderer. Its not long before the deceptively frail detective finds herself investigating a most exotic murder A Pocket Full of Rye Rex Fortescue, king of a financial empire, was in his counting house; his queen was in the parlourand thats exactly where they were when they died. There are baffling similarities between the rhyme and the crime and it takes all Miss Marples ingenuity to find them The Mirror Crackd from Side to Side Marina Gregg, the famous actress, witnesses a murder in her country home. But what gave her the expression of frozen terror that only Dolly Bantry saw? Dolly, of course, knows just who can find out: her old friend Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors To fulfil a promise to an old schoolfriend, Miss Marple stays in a country house - with 200 juvenile delinquents and seven heirs to an old ladys fortune.

One of them is a murderer - with, it seems, a talent for being in two places at once

  Nemesis Miss Marple receives a letter from a friend who died only a week earlier - a letter urging her to investigate a crime. But he has failed to tell her the nature of the nature of the crime. The only clue he leaves is an almost unfathomable quotation Sleeping Murder Since Gwenda moved into her home, odd things have started to happen. In fear, she turns to Miss Marple to exorcise her ghosts - and unravel a perfect crime that has escaped detection for 18 years  At Bertram's Hotel A holiday in London draws Miss Marple to Bertrams Hotel, where she can indulge herself in all the comforts of a bygone era. But she senses that something sinister lurks beneath the well-polished veneer The Murder at The Vicarage The Colonels body is discovered in the Vicarage study. Yet only a few hours before, the vicar himself declared, Anyone who murdered Colonel Protheroe would be doing the world at large a service. Miss Marple finds it all most intriguing

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